Rhyd Gethin Barn 

Llandrillo, North Wales


Our commitment to Green Tourism 

At Rhyd Gethin Barn we are committed to do whatever we can to preserve this precious planet and more importantly our small piece of it here in North Wales. We understand we have a responsibility to minimise the effect that we and our guests have on the environment and will continue to improve our own practice whilst encouraging our guests to enjoy all the area has to offer without damaging it. Our actions to date:

The Building - the restoration of the barn took into consideration the local environment and wildlife as well as wider environmental considerations.

The building has been insulated to the latest building regulatory standards with double glazing throughout to ensure efficient heating of the space.

Heating and hot water is via a bio mass wood pellet boiler, the pellets are manufactured locally from local wood and meet the latest Ofgem BSL standards, we also collect the pellets when out shopping so no extra mileage.

Water - drinking water is from a local spring which is double filtered and sterilized and neutralised via UV light on site. Waste water is processed on site via a Bio Digester which puts clean water out into the river beside us.

All lighting in the barn uses low energy light bulbs either CFL or LED.

Every summer we have families of nesting Martins and Swallows and nesting sites have been provided in and around the barn and our home to accommodate them.

Bat boxes have been built into the external walls of the barn and the ridge tiles adapted to allow bats to access the roof space as well.

Salmon and Trout spawn in the river beside us which is a tributary to the River Dee and guests are encouraged not to disturb the riverbed.

We also put out feeders for the wide population of wild birds.

Our Guests - we enable our guests to recycle paper, glass, cans, plastic and cardboard by providing bins for collection and Denbighshire County Council guidelines. We also provide a compost bucket which we add to our compost heap.

We encourage our guests to use local suppliers for food, highlighting those that provide local or organic produce in particular.

We provide information for our guests to take local walks which they can do from the door.